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People often say, Where do you get your ideas from? And I say I get them from a Mr. Ken Levingshore who lives in Swinden, he sends them to me every Monday morning on a postcard. I once asked Ken where he gets his ideas from, and he gets them from a lady called Mildred Spong who lives on the Isle of Wight. He once asked Mildred where she gets her ideas from and she refused to say. So the point is, we don’t know. This is terribly important. We don’t know where we get our ideas from. What we do know is we do not get them from our laptops.

Finally, a Readable Draft …

I finished a new book, took it through an extensive revision (in which I moved scenes around, reworked motivations and then switched everything back—haha), and then revised it again.

Now, it’s time to see if my BETA readers think it’s worth anyone’s time.

Here’s the log line:


A downsized teacher and betrayed husband takes a factory job where he will stand up against oppressive bullies, dare to find new love with a young mother who fears being hurt, and risk his life to solve the four-year-old mystery of a child’s disappearance.

Here’s hoping people dig it …

Gone Girl - Official Trailer



Potentially very intriguing. As usual, I love Fincher’s dark cinematography. He may actually make a more-effective version of the story than the novel which, after the reveal at the start of the second part lost most of its interest for me. As for the use of the song in this trailer, it seemed odd at first, but it works. The song’s message may be a positive one, but the tone fits with the film’s creepiness.

What you do is write letters to yourself. Literally. ‘Dear David, my name is Timothy Cavendish, I’m in my sixties, we’ve met once before few years ago when you wrote Ghostwritten. Person I love most in the world is this. What I’m afraid most of in the world is this. What I think about god, money, sex, work is this, this, this and this.’ You cover about twenty basis and you use their language. Not my language because they’re writing a letter to me. Do that two or three times and they’re kind of real enough to then stand on their own feet and talk. That’s it.

My life in a nutshell: David Mitchell on How to Create Characters 

Basis? That’s got to be a transcription error. Still: awesome.

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Much better than crafting character backstory in third person. Let the characters speak in their voice and try to seduce you of their worthiness.

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Great advice …


Our TV critic, David Bianculli, reviews the season openers of Game of Thrones, Veep, and the new series Silicon Valley:

HBO presents three series Sunday night – the season premieres of Game of Thrones and Veep, and the start of a new comedy, Silicon Valley.  But whether they’re set in mythical kingdoms, Washington, D.C. or Northern California, these three very different shows have two things in common. One is that they’re all entertaining, with characters that get more interesting the more you watch them. The other is that, bottom line, they’re all about power struggles.

Hear the full review here

Bianculli is the founder and editor of tvworthwatching

Looking forward to tonight …

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game of thrones | episodes 1-30

In honor of Season 4 beginning tonight.

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"What Happens When You Wake Up in the Night"

by Michael Marshall